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Economic during the Cultural Revolution

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For ten years the Cultural Revolution drove the economy of China into the depth of collapse. During the Cultural Revolution, a lot of students couldn’t study. The government ordered students to go out and communicate with workers, and encouraged the students to participate in the Cultural Revolution. Base on Mao (the Chairman of the Communist Party of China) said; "It is necessary for intellectual students to go the countryside and be re-educated by poor or average peasants." There were million of students forced to do manual labor in the countryside all over China. So, even after the revolution, most students' remained at high school level or below. China had no any prove in these ten years, and other countries already industrialize, getting more education and learning more skills.

During the generation of my parents, many people had no education or low education. One of reason would be the Cultural Revolution, another reason is the country was not developing, many people were poor. They have to go out to work when they were young to help the family. In my family, my uncle (my grandparent’s oldest son), he didn’t do to school. He was helping my grandparents in the farm when he was teenage, and other three children only go to junior high, and then came out to work to help the family.

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